Chosen 1 by Jem Turla

The past four days, I had that recurring fear in me. The fear of death. Ever since I was kid I am so afraid of dying, because I do not know what will happen to me after death. But it all changed when I came to second grade.

Poster of the recent Youth Convergence (YC) themed "Chosen 1"

My character education back then is Teacher Zarah Espelita, in one of the school days that she taught us, she led us to the prayer of salvation. I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. At that point after I gave my life to Christ, I began joining the dance ministry at church. However, because I was still young, I did not really know my God personally in a more intimate manner. I simply know that if I died at that moment, I know I am going to heaven.

Years passed, at July 29, 2003 at the Dumlao Gym, I renewed my covenant with the Lord, I told myself that I wanted to have spiritual birthday because I can’t seem to recall the first time I accepted Christ. But more than that, I decided that I will raise the level of my faith. However, there were instances that my faith was shaken and I know that I am still not on solid rock with God.

College came, and God did not give up on me. I told myself that I will devote a time specifically for him, by seeking, praying and meditating on God’s word. True enough, the Lord is gracious and merciful for those whom he loves.

The last four days, my fear came back. I was in a point where I cannot sleep because the fear of dying occurred to me again. But today, everything is totally different. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend this month’s Youth Convergence with the theme “Chosen One”. What I have learned is that for the longest time, I am dependent on myself. With all the talents, skills and even accomplishments which mean nothing when I die. But today, I realized that God is the only source of my strength. He is my refuge and shelter. Also, that I should fix my eyes on him. Moreover, this is the last of the last days and that I should prepare myself for the coming of the Lord.

About the author:
Jem Turla, is the 1-year old eldest daughter of Jun and Acel Turla, pastors from CLSF U-Belt.

EAGLE Christian, Issue No. 263, October 3, 2010

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