Enforcing our Prophetic Destiny

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it” Matthew 11:12

Looking back at the events that transpired after the Lord has revealed to us our Jubilee of Jubilees (March 16, 1521 to March 16, 2010) and how we were led by the Lord to boldly proclaim throughout the nation and prophetically to the heavens, the coming of the new season in the Philippines, the Lord has been strongly impressing to me and giving me understanding that we need to enforce our prophetic destiny. As the prophets like Cindy Jacobs, Rev. Abu Bako and Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj who came here and affirmed our Jubilee season of restoration (Dan 9:24; Isaiah 40:1-8; Isaiah 60: 1-22; Luke 4:18), they also reminded us even to the point of warning us that the devil will not give up this nation without a fight! We have been held captive for the past 490 years; it is indeed presumptuous of us to think that we will just walk in our destiny without the devil challenging us for it! We need to fight for this destiny!

"And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open." Isaiah 22:22

Bible accounts tell us of this glaring spiritual reality. From the time that the Lord declared His plan of redemption of mankind, the devil whose name is adversary (I Pet 5:8) or “antidikos” in Greek or “arch enemy”, will always oppose and contend with God and His people. From the time of the Abraham, Moses, David, the patriarchs and the prophets until the time of Christ and through the end of this age, the kingdom of darkness has always been at war and has opposed the plans and counsel of God until the time that satan will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire. At the time when the Lord is about to do His redemptive works, the devil will always come and wage war against God’s anointed ones. It is no wonder that in the time of our greatest Jubilee season, the devil is releasing his most vicious attack!

Moses was raised up by God to contend with the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt to let God’s people go 490 years from the time that Abraham was born to the time of the Passover when finally, their slavery in Egypt was over. Joshua has to lead Israel to battle and fight for every inch of Canaan that the Lord has promised beforehand to Abraham. They have to violently and forcefully contend with the inhabitants of the land, which the Lord has commanded them to dispossess (Num 33:51-56)! David was raised up by God exactly 490 years from the time of the judges and the end of the reign of King Saul (Acts 13:20- 22). David has to defeat the Philistine giant Goliath to bring the nation to its glorious golden era only to be surpassed by the coming Messiah’s reign at His second coming! The Lord Jesus has to defeat satan in all fronts from the beginning of His declaration of Jubilee to mankind (Luke 4:18) until the time when on the cross, He finally disarmed the powers of darkness (Col 2: 14-15).

Today, the battle still rages! The Lord has given us an open door (Isa 22:22) which no one can shut, but we have to enter therein and possess our inheritance! We need to pray unceasingly and violently, evangelize with fervency and teach the word with urgency more than ever before in our earthly existence as children of the King! We have to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God in our generation and enforce our prophetic destiny!

Kuya Dan

EAGLE Christian, Issue No. 263, October 3, 2010

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