Like a Mighty Waterfall: Report on Our Missions Trip to Bangladesh

“For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I Will Gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory” Isaiah 66:18

The Lord has been gracious to me and Ate Tanette as we fulfill our commitment to speak to the National Prayer Conference of Bangladesh from October 4-9 this week. It was held at the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF) Prayer Garden, Banglabazar, Rajanberapur, Dhaka in Bangladesh. It was somehow a fulfillment of our desire to answer the call of God for the nations.

Mighty Waterfall

“The waterfall is the mighty revival will hit Bangladesh and the eagle is His church that shall mount up with wings as the Lord transform her and send her to the nations.”

I could remember the prophecy of Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj to us last 26th year anniversary of CLSF last November 2009 that the Lord will begin to open up doors of ministry not only for Filipinos but for other nations all over Asia and the rest of the world. It was amazing that a few months after the word was given, I was invited by Ethnos Asia, a 13-year Filipino- led missions organizations began by Bro. Sonny Largado to be the devotional speaker of their four- day Annual Missions Conference held in Thailand last March this year. Ethnos Asia is a leading mission organization doing many powerful and effective ministries to more than 30 access- restricted nations in Asia (ARNA). Most of these nations have less than 1% Christians and are dominated by the three great religions of the world namely Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

It was in that missions conference that the Lord showed me, as we praying for the map of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, a very high waterfall coming from heaven. It was being poured out to the map of Bangladesh and as the waters hit the land of Bangladesh, great clouds of shining glory enveloped the land. I then saw an eagle perched on a fallen branch of a tree took off in flight as the shining mist from the waterfall enveloped her. The Lord then spoke to me: “The waterfall is the mighty revival will hit Bangladesh and the eagle is His church that shall mount up with wings as the Lord transform her and send her to the nations.” The Lord then instantaneously put Bangladesh in my heart as I made a silent commitment to the Lord saying: “Lord, if you want to use me to bless your people in Bangladesh, I am willing to be used by you!” Today, as I am writing here in the guest room of the BBCF Prayer Garden in Banglabazar, Dhaka, my commitment is fulfilled. Ministering here with Ate Tanette is really a very fulfilling mission as more than 300 pastors gathered in this wonderful Prayer Garden in our very first mission trip to this nation.

Bangladesh is a very poor country awaiting God’s restoration. It has a population of 150 million people living in a land area just one third of the Philippines. Many people are living in abject poverty. The nation’s most dominant religion is Islam with the churches comprising just a measly 1% of the population. They had experienced revival in the 70’s but have not seen it again for more than 40 years. It is a nation awaiting rebirth and restoration. The National Prayer Conference was a very timely event in connection with and in preparation for the coming revival and restoration of the nation.

Kuya Dan

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