An Encounter with the Prophetic Council

For Bishop “Kuya” Dan and the leadership of the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP) and the CLSF, the months of January and February this year 2012 have been months of spiritual retreats seeking the Lord and receiving His guidance and strategy for the New Season and Final Dispensation in these Last Days. Last week was yet another time of seeking the Lord as the IFP Board led by Kuya Dan and the leaders of Armadillo Holdings (AHI) led by Bro. Wyden King held a very strategic spiritual retreat last Feb 12-17 at the CCT Retreat Center in Tagaytay City. This particular retreat was made special as the team was joined by Prophet Robert Misst of New Zealand to teach the IFP Board and the AHI leaders on the truth about the heavenly prophetic council and usher them to an encounter with them. Prophet Robert Misst is one of the main speakers for the 23rd National Prayer Gathering (NPG) of the IFP this coming April 10-13, 2012 at the Cuneta Astrodome. The other speakers are Prophet Jill Shannon of Israel and Dr. Chuck Pierce of the USA.

The Board members of IFP who joined in the retreat were our very own Ate Tanette Balais, Ate Nona Londonio, the IFP National Director; Pastor Ed de Guzman, IFP Vice Chairman and treasurer; Pastora Joy Ponco; Sis. Mae de la Cruz; Sis. Grace Ramirez. The other leaders of AHI who joined the retreat were Antonia King and Pastor Nate Yage and Pastor Stanley Vergara. Invited IFP leaders and staff were Ate Alice Alonzo, Raceli Advincula and Pastor Joel Bataclan. The objective of the retreat was to wait upon the Lord and listen to His divine Prophetic Council for strategic direction pursuant to the destiny of the Philippines in these very crucial times.

Prophet Robert Misst shared powerful revelation teachings on the scriptural foundation of the Last Days ministry of the Prophetic Council in heaven and also taught the team on the seven Spirits of God as spoken of in Isaiah 11: 1-3. The team was then led by Prophet Robert into an actual experience of encountering the Prophetic Council for the next three nights of the whole five days of the retreat from 12:00 midnight to 3:00 am. It was a new but extremely rewarding and enlightening experience for Kuya Dan and the IFP/AHI group. As they sat still for a whole three hours and acknowledge the presence of the Prophetic Council, their spiritual senses (spiritual hearing, discernment and seeing in accordance with Heb 5:14 and Eph 1:17-23; Rev 2: 11) were sharpened that some actually “hear”, “see” and “feel” the voice, the form and image and the presence of the heavenly prophets. They actually receive specific directional messages from the divine Prophetic Council which they wrote in the notebooks provided for such purpose. When Prophet Robert revealed the messages to him by prophet Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah, the messages received by the team exactly were consistent with them.

The times of prophetic teachings and encountering the Prophetic Council were interspersed with many hours of worship and intercessions for the Philippines, the Church and the nation Israel. Powerful prayers, intercessions and supplications were offered to God as prophetically directed the Holy Spirit. On the final morning of their stay in the place last Feb 17, the team were led by the Lord to have dawn prayers. The Lord mightily moved as Kuya Dan had an experience of his spirit being taken high above the clouds soaring and flying like an eagle. He saw the whole map of whole map of the Philippines with all the islands rimmed with golden peripheral lines that encompassed the islands. Kuya Dan then saw a huge tsunami rising from the western side of the Philippines (West Philippines Sea) moving towards the islands. It was then that Kuya Dan saw the golden lines around the islands rose to become walls of golden lights rising higher than the tsunami. The tsunami then smashed at these golden walls of light but the islands were spared completely protected by the walls of light. The Lord spoke to Kuya Dan that this prophetic experience was a powerful confirmation on the need to establish 24 Hour Houses of Prayers (24HHP). The golden lines represent the promise of God to protect this nation from natural calamities that will hit the whole world in these Last Days. The rising wall of light is the wall of God’s presence that will be the protection of those places because the churches are praying (Ezek 22:30; Isaiah 59:19; Psalm 91:1-11; Psalm 46:1-7).

The IFP Board and the AHI leaders came out of the retreat so much empowered as well as transformed by the unique experience of the encounter with the Prophetic Council. Kuya Dan and the IFP and AHI teams were all the more set on fire by the heavenly foretaste of the power of the age to come to prepare the Bride of Christ and reap the Final Harvest of souls in this nation and from all over the world. With the unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the help of Prophetic Council and all of the heavenly hosts in this Final Dispensation, the destiny of the Philippines is within our grasp more than ever before!

Also published in Eagle Christian, Issue No 326 on February 19, 2012

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