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Inter-City Prayer Gathering Held at CLSF

The main sanctuary of the Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship (CLSF) became the venue again of an event that impacts the nation’s destiny: the monthly Inter-City Prayer Gathering (ICPG) of the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP). Held every last Friday of the month, more than 350 intercessors from the 17 cities of Metro Manila gathered together last Friday, April 30 from 7PM to 10PM. Pasig City Intercessors, being the host city of the ICPG for the month of March led in the praise and worship time with Pastor Tony San Agustin, IFP-Pasig City Coordinator did the emceeing. Bishop “Kuya” Dan Balais, the CLSF Senior Pastor and concurrently the IFP National Chairman, challenged the intercessors as he spoke on “Contending for the Nation’s Destiny”. Ate Tanette Balais led in the prayer for Israel while Pastor Ed de Guzman led in praying for the Family and government pillar. Ate Nona Londonio, a CLSF National Elder and the IFP Executive Director gave the updates on the forthcoming 23rd National Prayer Gathering to be held on April 10-13, 2012 from 1pm to 9pm at the Cuneta Astrodome.

The CLSF, being a fore-runner church of the nation’s prayer movement, has become a hub of prayer events and prophetic gatherings in the Metropolis. The CLSF’s Goshen Building, being the host of IFP’s National Office, is a convenient place and location for convergence of pastors and intercessors as the prayer activities begins to gain momentum since the launching of the 21-Day Prayer and Fasting more than two weeks ago. Amazingly, by God’s abounding mercies, the churches are now responding to the call of prayers all over the nation through church prayer meetings, dawn prayers, all night prayer watches and the nationwide 24 Hour Houses of Prayers (HHP) launched by IFP more than two years ago.

With mighty prophets coming to our land in the likes of Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Bro. Vincent Selvakumar, Pastor Neville Johnson and most recent, ro. Robert Misst, the Body of Christ in the Philippines has been adequately given strategic prophetic directives that strategically guide them in their prayers, supplications and intercessions to bring our beloved nation to the path of hear destiny for the years to come. Kuya Dan said in his exhortation that though there are many breakthroughs that we are experiencing since our Jubilee declaration of 2010, we have to continue to intensify our prayers and contend for our destiny with most ardent and fervent zeal! “The devil is all out in his effort to delay and derail the fulfillment of God’s prophetic destiny for our nation and people; we must,” Kuya Dan said, “fight for it through our fervent prayers, prophetic declarations, gospel proclamation and widespread teaching of God’s word in all sectors or pillars of our society.”

This year 2012, through the intensified efforts of IPF and her partner ministries like NFS of Bro. Wyden King and the various ministerial fellowships all over the land, great inroads and momentum were gained with churches across denominational lines joining the rising tide of prayers and intercessions throughout the width and length of the nation, in every region, province, town and city. Filipino churches in the Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada and even Europe are reportedly also joining us in this efforts. Kuya Dan said that if we sustain this prayer momentum, our nation will not only be spared from terrible calamities of earthquakes and tsunamis but rather, take hold and possess destiny!

Kuya Dan enjoins all the KE Pastors, KE elders, Mission Pastor and their elders, ministry workers and the general membership of the church to attend the forthcoming 23rd National Prayer Gathering that will take place in just over a week- April 10-13, 2012 at the Cuneta Astrodome. Let us contend for our destiny!

Also published inn Eagle Christian, Issue No. 332 on April 1, 2012

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Macau: A Spiritual Gateway to China

“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.” Zechariah 4:6-7

It was a commitment that I have made with Ethnos Asia (EA), a kindred missions ministry based in Thailand, many months ago before the post 23rd NPG seminar called Worship, Warfare and Intercession (WWI) schedule at CCT Retreat Center in Tagaytay City was finalized. We were invited to minister to Filipino churches in Macau to impart to them the prophetic destiny of the Philippines and update them of the prophetic landscape of and God’s redemptive time table in the Philippines. I accepted the invitation for great prospect of mobilizing and networking the Filipino churches in the entertainment city of Macau for the End Time prayer agenda for the Philippines and the world.

Pressed by the super-tight schedule, Ate Tanette and I were praying for God’s redemptive purpose for this Macau, China assignment. The moment we took off from NAIA, the Lord assured me that this trip is more than what our host in Macau intended it to be. We arrived at the Macau airport via the Cebu Pacific flight 7:50 pm flight. Because of the usual delay of 1 ½ hours, we touched down past 11:30 PM. Pastor Gil Evidente, the Ethnos Asia (EA) coordinator in Macau and a pastor of the God With Us Church here, picked us up and warmly welcomed at the airport and brought us to the EA Mission House in the middle of the city. While in the taxi, Pastor Gil shared with us how the churches are excited to hear us and then related to us things that confirmed the Lord’s impression to us that this trip is still connected with the strategic prophetic gates that the Lord is opening up in the Philippines pursuant to our glorious prophetic destiny recently proclaimed as “Prince Nation to Asia in the Millennium”.

In the morning of April 20, while Ate Tanette and I were praying and interceding in our room in the EA Guest House, I had a powerful prophetic experience! I suddenly found myself standing at the border of Macau and Mainland China prophesying with all my might towards the mainland with a huge mountain directly in front of us. I suddenly saw two huge angels, about 200 feet tall standing behind me and Ate Tanette imitating the gestures of my hands as I lifted them up towards China. As I prophesy the word of the Lord, these two huge angels spoke the same words that I proclaimed amplifying them a million times in its force and intensity! The prophetic sound was so strong that it became like a mighty wind that blew upon the great mountain before us beating upon it with such unrelenting force that it disintegrated like a huge sand dune being blown away by a mighty sand storm. In a matter of a few seconds, the great mountain became a plain as the word of the Lord powerfully blasted it to the ground. The Lord showed me through this prophetic experience how powerful His voice is (Psalm 29) and how seemingly invincible earthly powers and obstacles can be obliterated by the voice of the Lord. I felt the Lord’s confidence that God is with us as we proclaim His word in Macau: The spiritual gateway to China!

Kuya Dan

Also published in Eagle Christian, Issue No. 334 on April 22, 2012

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The 23rd NPG: An Appointment with Destiny

“The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” Isaiah 40:3

The 23rd National Prayer Gathering (NPG) of the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP) was another victorious event in the 23 years history of the prayer movement. Once again, the cavernous Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City was filled to capacity when some 10,000 people composed of pastors and intercessors from all over the country gathered together last April 10-13, 2012 to worship together, intercede and receive the Lord’s prophetic messages from teachers and prophets that came from different corners of the earth. The anointed speakers who ministered in the four- day gathering were Prophet Robert Misst from New Zealand, Prophetess Jill Shannon from Israel, Prophet Chuck Pierce from and Pastor Joe Sweet from the USA. The local ministers who spoke was our very own Bishop “Kuya” Dan Balais, the CLSF Senior Pastor and concurrently, the National Chairman of IFP; Bishop Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the spiritual director of Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL); Pastor Ed de Guzman, IFP Vice Chairman and Bro. Wyden King, Chairman and President of the NFS Ministries.

strategic event as prophets declared God’s fresh word for the nation and unveiled divinely inspired directives that the church must pursue. Bishop “Kuya” Dan opened up the 23rd NPG by addressing teh theme: “Prepare the Way of the Lord”- a theme taken from Isaiah 40: 3-5 in the light of the Last Days events that precede the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Kuya Dan clearly laid down the events of the Last Days in the context of the Philippine’s Jubilee season. Kuya Dan emphasized that the End Times is characterized by “almond branch” and “boiling pot” scenario- contrasting release of God’s mercy, revival and restoration and the bleak and terrible judgments of the nations. Kuya Dan emphatically reminded the pastors and intercessors not to lose sight of God’s almond branches even in the midst of the boiling pots. The Lord has unveiled to us the Jubilee season- God’s hand of mercy and restoration upon our land yet we as intercessors must be vigilant in guarding and watching over the nation because of the judgments on the nations of the earth that the Lord is pouring out throughout the whole earth.

Prophet Robert Misst declared that the Philippines is in a forked road: one road leads to destruction and despair while the other leads to destiny, restoration and blessing. The prophet from New Zealand released a powerful declaration from heaven- that the Philippines is a “Prince Nation to Asia”, the “Spiritual Israel” in this part of the world. This was a powerful and amazing destiny that all the more solidly confirmed what the prophets have been declaring for more than four decades concerning the Philippine’s glorious prophetic destiny! Prophet Misst then gave the people an introduction to the spiritual dimension of the “Divine Council”- of angels and saints in heaven who are commissioned to help the end- time church fulfill the Lord’s will and establish His Kingdom and rulership on the earth. Though a new and higher level of teaching, the people received the messages with open hearts and positive wonderment!

Prophetess Jill Shannon gave a good teaching series on the redemptive “Feasts of the Lord” commanded by God for Israel to observe as everlasting statute throughout their existence (Lev 23: 1-44). Prophetess Jill declared that these Feasts were dress rehearsals of the things that transpired in the past and also dress rehearsals of the things that will transpire in the future. They were all redemptive in nature, the types and symbols of God’s salvation that He has planned from eternity past to eternity future. It was meant to be observed not only for Israel but for the whole redeemed mankind- for every tribe tongue and nation who have entered a covenant with the Lord through the “Lamb of God”, the Lord Jesus Christ, who takes away the sins of the world.

Pastor Joe Sweet powerfully spoke on the power of Christ-like love and how it is key to the release of God’s Glory. The church is commanded by the Lord to walk in love as the Lord Jesus Christ walked in His divine love. Pastor Joe emphasized that by walking in love, we disarm the adversary and invite the presence and interventions of God in our earthly circumstance. After Pastor Joe’s message, the Lord moved powerfully as Kuya Dan was led by the Lord to let the bishops, pastors and people respond by an act of reconciliation towards one another and commit to walk in love to pave the way for the glory of the Lord to come upon the whole Body of Christ in the Philippines. The Holy Spirit poured out His love upon the whole gathering as everyone was bathed anew with a fresh baptism of love and forgiveness!

Dr. Chuck Pierce released tremendous prophecies for the Philippines, sharing to the thousands of people in the gathering how the Lord has given him a word for the Philippines way back in Kansas City, USA and how he has waited for the perfect time to release it. The 23rd NPG was the time for it to be proclaimed! Coming with a whole team of his personal intercessors, he declared that the Philippines is the Jerusalem of Asia and would be tremendously blessed to become one of the most prosperous nations on this earth in this Last Days! Dr. Chuck prophesied tremendous revival in the coming years. The prayer movement is shifting into “watchman anointing” that is given the power and authority to decree the will of God for the nation. In the next four years, there will be an awakening of God’s glory in the church. He then called for Kuya Dan and the whole IFP Board and NFS, her partner ministry to receive the watchman anointing by prophetically placing upon them the shawl that came from Israel to signify a new watchman mantle to the whole prayer movement. The worship dimension in the Philippines will overthrow strongholds in the nation that held it captive in the past many generations.

Pastor Ed de Guzman and Bro. Wyden capped the avalanche of prophetic messages by giving the people an update of where we are in God’s prophetic time table. Pastor Ed gave a powerful and encouraging update of what the Lord has done in our Jubilee decade. He warned the people however, that we cannot afford to relax because the enemy is taking every opportunity to accuse us before God so that judgments could be hanging over our heads anytime. The intercessions, supplications and prayers of God’s people will be able to form a wall of divine protection over the nation. Bro. Wyden gave the practical ways that we need to do in this season and re-emphasized the need that everybody commits to pray until the revival breaks out without measure! He laid down the mechanics of the 24-Hour Houses of Prayers (24HHP). The people responded enthusiastically and committed to heed the prophetic directives of the Lord.

Also published in Eagle Christian, Issue No. 333 on April 15, 2012

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23rd NPG: Prepare the Way of the Lord!

“The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” Isaiah 40:3

Last August 2011, the Lord spoke to Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and his company of prophets about the coming of a new season and final dispensation in for the whole earth. The 2011 Rosh “Hashanah” (Feast of Trumpets and Jewish new year) to “Yom Kippur” (Day of Atonement) mark this new season and final dispensation: a ten-day period from Sept 28-Oct 8, 2011. This New Season and Final Dispensation that the prophets declared came at the heels of the unveiling and declaration of the year of Jubilee for the Philippines last March 16, 2010- our 490th year since the cross was planted on our shores on March 16, 1521. We have trumpeted these prophetic messages throughout the width and breath of the nation to the best of our God-given ability. Amazingly, churches and ministerial fellowships all over the land are responding in an unprecedented way embracing these breaking prophetic messages. A new momentum for prayer revival is gaining ground throughout the nation fuelled by increased prophetic awareness of the reality of the Last Days and the undeniable signs of the coming End of the Age! Churches are beginning to commit to establish 24 Hour Houses of Prayers (24HHP) in many cities and provinces all over the land!

It is in this context that the Board of IFP has been led by the Lord to the theme of this year’s 23rd National Prayer Gathering (NPG) which is: “Prepare the Way of the Lord” taken from the prophetic scripture in Isaiah 40:3. This is a marching order to the church to take heed to the call of the hour to seek the face of God, worship and serve Him more than ever before; Commit to pray and intercede for the nation in the light of critical cross-roads we are facing as a people; Rise up as a protective wall of intercession to shield our nation from terrible calamities and judgments that accompany the End of the Age; Prepare the Bride of Christ- the “Ezer” or Warrior Bride that the End time church is destined to become; Pray for the peace and redemption of all Israel and their recognition of the Messiah; Receive the mightiest outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied in Joel 2: 28-29; the church to operate in power of the age to come; and lastly, Reap the Final and greatest Harvest of souls in this End Time generation from every tribe, tongue and people.

The prophet Isaiah declares:

“Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain: And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.” (Isa 40:4-5).

Indeed, the Lord will completely turn the whole world upside down by the shaking of the nations (Haggai 2: 6-7; Heb 12: 26-29) Great darkness will indeed cover the whole earth. It is however, in this foreboding and dark stage that the Lord will unveil His awesome and greatest light and glory for all the world to see (Isaiah 60: 1-2)!!! It will be the most exciting and greatest climax of man’s redemptive history!!! LET US ARISE AND PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!!!

Kuya Dan

Also published inn Eagle Christian, Issue No. 332 on April 1, 2012


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