CLSF Churches in Canada Celebrate Shabbat

Ministry Update of Pastoral Visit to CLSF Churches in Canada

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates” Exodus 20:8-10

One of the most significant highlights of the year ending pastoral visit to Canada is the introduction to our CLSF churches in Calgary, Windsor and Mississauga the revelation about the Feasts of the Lord and the observance of the Shabbat or the weekly feast of the Sabbath Day. Bishop “Kuya” Dan, Ate Tanette and Ate Myrna took advantage of the second visit for the year 2012 of the CLSF churches in Canada to introduce this End Time revelations to the CLSF brethren so that they too can move into the last days purposes of God for His Church and the nations.

CLSF Calgary was the first ones to receive the revelation of the Shabbat or the Holy Day of the Lord. After the celebration of CLSF Calgary’s anniversary, Kuya Dan and Ate Tanette took turns in ministering to the brethren about the End Time messages of the Lord given through the prophets who recently came to the Philippines in the various prayer gatherings and prophetic seminars that the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP) conducted for the past three years. In addition to the strategic prophetic directives that the prophets released in these recent gatherings like: the 24 Hour Houses of Prayers (24HHP); the strategic prayer assignments in key places in the country (the Eight Revival Gateway Places of the Nation); the building up of the unity of the Bishops and leaders of the Body of Christ; and the revival among the young people of the land, the Holy Spirit has brought to our attention to observe the seven annual Feasts of the Lord and the weekly Sabbath beginning 2012. IFP, through the leadership of Kuya Dan, as its National Chairman and the IFP Board took seriously this latest prophetic directive and celebrated all the seven Feasts of the Lord (Lev 23) and most recently, launched the celebration of the weekly “Shabbat” early this month of November. The result was amazing and glorious! Taking from the perspective of the finished work of Christ and the prophetic times that we are in, the CLSF spearheaded this celebration and acted as models for the churches in Metro Manila and the whole nation. Holding true to our calling as a Philadelphia church (Rev 3: 7-13), the CLSF churches, beginning with the CLSF Central church launched this unprecedented prophetic celebration of the “Shabbat” throughout the 17 KE satellite churches and the more than 300 churches nationwide and overseas! More spiritual breakthroughs were experienced by the brethren so that Kuya Dan and the whole eldership were convinced that even our churches overseas must begin to enter into this prophetic flow to make us ready for the End Time events.

Kuya Dan and Ate Tanette spearheaded the celebration of the “Shabbat” for CLSF Emmanuel Calgary through a series of teachings for the Last Days including the revelations about the Feast of the Lord. The teachings were well received by the whole CLSF Calgary leaders and members of the church. Experiencing the blessing of the strong apostolic leadership of Kuya Dan and the CLSF International Elders, the brethren embraced these “new things” being introduced by the Holy Spirit and with great faith and expectant hearts, held a formal launching of the Sabbath Dinner last sundown of Nov 23, Friday. Braving the subzero temperature of the Calgary winter weather, the CLSF brethren came in full force bringing all their children to the new CLSF Sanctuary to observe the holy Sabbath dinner together. Kuya Dan, Ate Tanette and Ate Myrna took the “Shabbat” table set up on the stage and led the whole congregation, with each family formally seated around each table, to the instructional Sabbath dinner.

Everybody was excited as the fathers and mothers led in following the Sabbath dinner ceremony, enriching their understanding and experience of the observance of this sacred day of the Lord. All of the brethren felt the presence of God, a powerful sign of His approval of our obedience. After the sumptuous “Shabbat” dinner, there was a sudden burst of rejoicing as the whole congregation sang the Jewish song “Shabbat Shalom”. The people began to dance joyfully as they felt refreshed of the goodness and favour of God. Seeing this unmistakable sign of God’s pleasure, Kuya Dan and Ate Tanette determined also to teach this truths to CLSF Mississauga on the final week of their short two week pastoral visit to Canada. May the blessings of the Lord always be with us and the whole CLSF family! Shabbat Shalom!

Also published on Eagle Christian, Issue No. 364 on December 2, 2012

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