21-Days Prayer and Fasting Points

(April 21 to May 12, 2013)

The past 24th NPG Conference was really very significant. The number 24 in the scriptures signify government and fulfillment. The prophets said that the Philippines is now standing at the threshold for the fulfillment of the prophetic destiny for the Philippines. The next stage is into the promises.

We should not take this lightly. If we will be serious in obeying all the instructions of God, praying and contending for the fulfillment of all of God’s glorious plans and purposes of God for the Philippines to be a Prince Nation to disciple Asia and be a missionary-sending nation, we will ride in the boat of God’s awesome plans for the Philippines. The prophets said, “One more step! Don’t give up, endure to the end!”
This year is our significant year. We have this one year, 2013, to have our breakthrough, not next year. By 2014 we should be immersed in our destiny, the prophet said. How we need to intercede. We cannot afford to let go, to let our guards down nor take a spiritual vacation.

WE TRULY NEED TO PRAY AND DO WARFARE FOR THE DESTINY OF THE PHILIPPINES. We are at the threshold of its fulfillment, but at the same time we are at the crossroads. We will see the glorious promises and blessings of God upon the Philippines if we pray and fast passionately, repent of the sins of the land (her people, princes and the church), sanctify ourselves, stand in the gap and do spiritual warfare. If we don’t, we will reap the terrible judgments upon our nation that God has revealed to the prophets. A nation’s blessings or curses are in the hands of the believers through prayer and intercession.

Let us therefore pray with a deep burden in our hearts for the following:

  1. Pray for God to fill the hearts of His faithful servants and people (children, youth, old men and women) with A DEEP BURDEN FOR INTERCESSION FOR THE DESTINY OF OUR NATION, to be filled by God with the Spirit of Prayer and Intercession, with the Spirit of Tears from God, so that a Prayer Wave of travail and intercession will cover the whole Philippines, repenting and interceding for the fulfillment of God’s destiny for our nation.
  2. LET US CONTEND FOR GOD’S PROPHETIC DESTINY FOR THE PHILIPPINES. Pray that the church will be careful to truly believe all of God’s promises for the Philippines, review and obey God in all His instructions to us through His anointed prophets, rend our hearts and pray ardently for the fulfillment of God’s glorious End-time plan for the Philippines. Pray for all of God’s promises and blessings (the Great Harvest and Revival in the Philippines, the transformation of the nation (all 8 pillars) to righteousness, all the economic blessings so that the work of His kingdom can be financed bountifully).
  3. LET US PRAY FOR GOD’S MERCY TO FORGIVE AND DELIVER THE PHILIPPINES FROM THE JUDGMENTS that He has ordained for the nation if we don’t repent of the sins of the land and obey His instructions.
    Holy Spirit saying to the Phil: “TAKE THESE WORDS, YOUR CALL SERIOUSLY, for there has not been another nation like your nation that has received this tremendous call. Angels will come down to the Philippines and do warfare against your enemies.”
    But at the same time, if you fail in your calling, great will be your destruction. Matt. 25:13-30 Parable of Talents – unprofitable servant cast out into Outer Darkness. Likewise, if the Philippines disobeys, she will experience the same. WE NEED TO CONTEND FOR OUR DESTINY!
  4. LET US PRAY FOR THE 7 GATEWAY CITIES (Legaspi, Lipa, Pampanga, Pateros, Cagayan de Oro, Baguio and Manila) prophesied to be the first recipients of the mighty Revival from God, that God’s mighty wind of Revival from the Holy Spirit will come upon them, fulfilling His glorious promises for each one of them.
  5. LET US PRAY FOR THE YOUTH & CHILDREN, as they are the mighty Army God wants to rise up for these last days’ ministry. Pray for the Spirit of Prayer and Tears be upon them, that they might continually intercede and do warfare for the destiny of the Philippines and for the establishment of God’s kingdom not only in the Philippines, but in other nations of the world as well, especially Asia. Pray for God’s Prophetic Anointing to be upon them. Pray for God to sanctify them, deliver them from the spirit of the world, equip and prepare them for the mighty exploits that God will be doing through them. Pray that God will preserve them and save them from all the attacks of the enemy.
  6. FOR GOD’S RELEASE OF HIS DIVINE GOVERNMENT UPON THE PHILIPPINES, that His scepter of righteousness will be upon the nation. This is God’s New Season and we are in our Jubilee. Let us pray and stand in faith that God will answer this prayer. Twenty-four (24) is the number of government, and the pillar of the government plays a major and very significant role in the fulfillment of God’s desire that the Philippines become a righteous Prince Nation for Asia. We cannot blame the politicians. When we pray, the leaders of the nation will do well. God has a big desire to bless the Philippines and fulfill her glorious End-Time destiny, and the government plays a major and very significant role in God’s plans for the Philippines.
    The coming elections on May 13 is very critical in God’s agenda. Let us therefore pray for the following:
    a. PRAY FOR THE COMING ELECTIONS ON MAY 13, FOR BRO. EDDIE TO BE ELECTED AS SENATOR. This is not about Bro. Eddie, but for the sake of God’s glorious End-times plan for the Philippines to be a righteous and missionary-sending nation in these End-times. Pray for God’s favor to be upon him, and that God will grant favor on him in the hearts and minds of the electorate. Pray against all works of the enemy against Bro. Eddie’s bid.
    b. THAT GOD WILL INSTALL RIGHTEOUS LEADERS in our nation at all levels of governance, especially those running for the Senate and the House of Representatives which have the power to legislate righteous or wicked bills like divorce, same sex marriage, euthanasia, abortion, ban of prayer in government offices, etc. Pray for God’s mighty hand and favor be upon Bro. Lyndon Cana for congressman, Bro. Greco Belgica for senator, Sis. Amy Borje for congressman, Among Ed for governor of Pampanga and other righteous people running for positions in the local governments.
  7. PRAY FOR THE RAISING UP OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST IN THE PHILIPPINES conformed to the nature of the Lord Jesus in all love and meekness that she might rule with Him in God’s kingdom in the Philippines, and be prepared for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus as His spotless Bride.

Also published on Eagle Christian, Issue No. 385 on April 28, 2013

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