CLSF-Emmanuel Calgary: A New Beginning

By Kuya Francis Domingo

CLSF International Elder, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Senior Pastor of Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship, Inc., we ardently call Kuya Dan Balais, in his circular letter he wrote on December 16, 2010 concerning the re-birth of CLSF mission church in Calgary, called our CLSF-Emmanuel Calgary (CLSF-EC) as a church with a new beginning. Kuya Dan, being the National Chairman of IFP or Intercessors for the Philippines, is a prophetic man of God. Aptly said God was and continually pouring in new things in the CLSF-EC since her rebirth on November 14, 2010. CLSF-EC is one of those 276 churches under the Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship, Inc., and the mother church in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Some 28 years ago, our mother church, CLSF, Inc. also experienced her rebirth in October 1983. The group started in 1972 under the name of Jesus People, Inc. After 11 years of striving to live, God started to speak to the national board of Elders headed by K. Dan many words of revelation that gave direction to the dying church. One of those prophetic words is Revelation 3:2, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God.” The power of the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit transformed the mother church into a new start and a new name (CLSF, INC.) given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

This recollection of the glorious move of God in our mother church is vital in seeing that our God is a God of new beginning. And God in His Sovereign will is doing again that glorious rebirth in one of His flocks, the CLSF-EC. Yes, we humbly admit we were ready to die in 2010, when God resurrected us into a strong new body and a new name, Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship-Emmanuel Calgary-the Church with a New Beginning!

CLSF-EC’s Life Story

On November 5, 2010 a great stirring in the spirits of God’s people compared to a mighty flood rose up to contend and stop the voice of the enemy. The spiritual battle was intimidating and fierce that caused everyone’s allegiance to preserve the flock rather than everyone’s personal security and soulish ties. Many “Isaac’s” were offered back to God, believing that God is able to resurrect them again as we obey (this was the faith of Abraham). Those eight days of travailing, contending for the life of God’s flock, with increasing pain that needed to be endured, culminated on the 9th day (November 14, 2010)-the “baby” was born; CLSF-Emmanuel Calgary (CLSFEC) is her name. “Emmanuel” was attached to her name, a very fitting name that affirms our acknowledgment that “God is with us” why we are still alive and having our new beginning, and the reason why we have this celebration of our 1st anniversary.

CLSF-EC’s Milestones in a year’s time:

  1. The church with a new beginning quickly received a blessing from God… the new set of Leadership who were appointed by God and confirmed by the International & National Board of Elders of CLSF, Inc. represented by Bishop “Kuya” Dan and Ate Tanette Balais (from the Philippines) and Pastor “Kuya” Francis Domingo (in Canada). The CLSF philosophy “Every member is a minister” was the guiding principle that was followed plus the steadfast character that those leaders displayed in obeying God during the “battle”. The public ordination of CLSF-EC’s servant-leaders, topped by Pastor “Kuya” Eugene Arizala as the Head Pastor was providentially conducted by “Kuya” Dan with A. Tanette on December, 17, 2010.
  2. The Lord told us that He will bring us to our “Bethsaida”, meaning “House of Fish.” He tested our faith by bringing us to a “Creek” that will lead us to that “Fishing Village” where He will call everyone to be “Fishers of Men.” At South Fish Creek Recreation Association Facility the CLSF-EC church stayed there from November 29, 2010 until God gave us our new “House” on October 1, 2011 our promised Bethsaida. Thanks to the leadership of the Word of Life Church who allowed their church’s name to be used in entering the occupancy contract with the South Fish Creek administration. We submitted our registration application to the Federal government the following month, December 10, 2010 for the church to be a Canadian Charity.
  3. By God’s providential act, the two pastors of CLSF-EC (K. Eugene & K. Francis) were granted by Vital Statistics Canada their Canadian Clergy Certificate/Registration on January 17, 2011. Favors coming from an affiliate Canadian church, Eastside City Church of Pastor Ron Leech were very much appreciated not only by CLSF-EC but by the International & National Board of Elders of CLSF, Inc.
  4. The church needed to be incorporated in the Province of Alberta. God did a miracle in the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation. In a short time, less than 3 months the Certificate was issued by the Registrar of Corporation on June 2, 2011under Religious Societies Land Act. Every move of God was applauded by the thankful members of His flock, CLSF-EC.
  5. Another great blessing came on August 5, 2011 as the church received the certificate from CRA’s Charities Directorate attesting that the church qualifies as a Canadian Charity under the Income Tax Law.
  6. On October 1, 2011, God finally led us to this place, our inheritance, our Bethsaida.
  7. The most precious blessing God gave are the first fruits of the great Harvest He wants from His church. Those precious souls He caused to come near, those who identified with God and His people, those who are now going with the vision of the Lord-these are a testimony from God that as the first fruits blossom from the tree it is a sign that more fruits are coming. The Harvest Festival is the next big event that is coming in CLSF-EC, even as the prophets of God announced with great anticipation in this last dispensation of God where we are preparing for the two major events, the preparation of the Bride and the Great Harvest. In a year’s time 30 % were added from the initial roster of CLSF-EC membership, which is equivalent to 25 precious souls. On August 20, 2011, seventeen persons publicly declared their faith in the Lord by following Him in the water baptism that we conducted in the Sikome Lake, SE Calgary.

CLSF-EC’s Expectations in the New Season:

  1. New level of demonstration of Signs and Wonders. Angelic Activity will be commonplace
  2. The Church will take on a New Identity, and will not be looked down by the world.
  3. A great increase in revelation knowledge of God and the things of God
  4. There’ll be a great harvest of souls
  5. The spiritual realm will become very, very visible to the believers
  6. A Joel 2:28, 29 prophetic company will rise up from the church

Also published on Eagle Christian Issue No. 316 on November 20, 2011

  1. #1 by Vanessa on August 10, 2014 - 9:50 pm

    I was given gift by the Holy Spirit. In Jer. 29:11 , it speak the truth in john 3:2 saying”I want you to prosper as your soul prospers.” The Lord is telling me to. pray for all the sick and needy. I now know how,through massaging. That is why AI thank the Lord for this.

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