Contending for the Nation’s Destiny

The May 13, 2013 Mid-Term Elections

“Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Isaiah 66:8

The army of God received the marching orders from the prophets: “Contend for your destiny! Fight for the promises of God!” This powerful prophetic directive echoed through the halls of Cuneta Astrodome during the past three National Prayer Gatherings (NPG) of the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP). Since we have declared our 490th Year Jubilee Season last March 16, 2010, it has been an intense spiritual battle ever since! The Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship (CLSF), being a fore runner church in the prophetic, took heed of the trumpet call to contend for our destiny. We have been at the forefront of the new moves of God, together with many prophetic churches all over the land. We have taken heed to the voice of God when the Lord declared that He is calling the church to establish 24- Hour Houses of Prayers (24HHP) some three years ago. We have been riding the waves of the Holy Spirit for the past 24 years and have taken the forefront in obeying the prophetic directives of God for the Body of Christ in the nation.

The CLSF, together with all the IFP aligned churches all over the nation are taking heed in this battle for our destiny. Stirred up by the fresh promises of God declared in the last 24th NPG at the Cuneta Astrodome last April 9-12, CLSF joined the IFP initiated nationwide 21- Day Prayer and Fasting with a culminating 72 Hour Worship, Warfare and Intercession (WWI) for the last three days of the fast. We did not only pray and intercede but also boldly plunged in the midst of the campaign when Bro. Eddie Villanueva, one of the leaders of the Body of Christ in the Philippines, decided to put his life on the line to take heed to the prophetic call to contend for our destiny by running for a seat in the Senate in tomorrow’s mid-term elections. It was a great struggle and extreme sacrifice on Bro. Eddie’s part to run again after two political setbacks but eventually decided to obey God and fulfill his role in charting the destiny of the nation to become a righteous, blessed and missionary sending nation in these Last Days.

Tomorrow, May 13, will be a very crucial mid- term elections not only for our political life but also for our prophetic season. Out of the 33 candidates vying for a national seat at the Senate, there is a new breed of candidates that is not in the mold of the traditional and mostly corrupted politicians. Led by Bro. Eddie Villanueva (#31) of the Bangon Pilipinas of which our very own, Bishop “Kuya” Dan is one of its key leaders, this fresh breed of candidates carries spiritual and moral principles as foundations for their political platforms. They are the Davids called and destined to slay the wicked and uncircumcised political Goliaths of the land in this generation! They dared to defy odds setting their face like a flint in face of adversities and seemingly impossible political realities! They dare to believe that there is hope for this nation when God’s people and righteousness-loving Filipinos unite to put an end to the culture of corruption and self-serving political leaders!

The Prophetic Church, those “hill-ascenders and God-seekers” that the Psalmist spoke about in Psalm 24, the Jacobs of our generation has step up to the challenge. They took heed of the call to contend for our destiny! They pray and fast for the past 24 years and stepped up their travails for the past three years upon the revelation of our 490th Jubilee season! Like the prophet Habakkuk, they dared to cling tightly to the promises of God, embracing to them and never letting them go as they weather the storms of unbelief, mockery, false accusations and hatred of the heathen and the unbelieving pretenders among their brethren. The important thing is that they heard from God and saw with their spiritual eyes the glorious destiny that God has reserved for those who will contend and fight and are willing to pay the price, even with their own lives (Dan 11: 32; Rev 12:11). These warriors are the ones who would do mighty exploits because they know their God!

Let us continue to fast, pray and do exploits with God and for God! Let us all pray and proclaim that the Lord’s prophetic agenda will continue to arise in our nation as she enters the threshold of prophetic fulfillment! In this destiny-defining mid- term elections, let us diligently and passionately pray that Bro. Eddie Villanueva and the other genuinely God-fearing principled candidates will find favour in the eyes of the Filipino people! Let us pray that Bro. Eddie will land in the top five of those who will be elected in the senate! Let us contend for our destiny! Victory is at hand!

Also published on Eagle Christian, Issue No. 387 on May 12, 2013

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